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Are you tired of feeling weighed down by the pain and illness in your life? Are you ready to shine a light into your current darkness?

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Introducing the Unhackable Soul Course

Get the Guidance, Tools, & Strategies You Need to Live Well with Pain and Illness

Living with chronic illness and pain can be overwhelming. If you're ready to rise up, reignite your light, and make your soul unhackable then the Unhackable Soul Course is for you!

Come get the training and resources you need to reignite your light.

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The Unhackable Soul Course is exactly what you need to start cracking in the light. 

This entire program is built around the five parts of the unhackable soul journey. 


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Part #1  


In this module, you will learn how to accept your current circumstances, shed the labels that you have been carrying, and redirect your thoughts to more positive and uplifting places.


Part #2  


In this module, you will learn how to understand the impermanence of life and how to celebrate each moment while living relentlessly in the present moment.


Part #3  


In this module, you will learn how to reignite your passion for life, lean into your personal faith, and see life for what it truly is: an infinite amount of possibilities. 


Part #4  


In this module, you will learn about the importance of creating a space for yourself that brings you life and joy, as well as, the importance of making time for self-care.


Part #5  


In this module, you will learn how to take all of the information that you have been taught through this course and live every day to its fullest potential.


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Follow along each day in your workbook by taking notes and completing helpful exercises.

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Meet your host, guide, and coach,

Maureen Sharphouse

Maureen Sharphouse lives with her husband, Peter, their dog, Jackson, and cat, Phoebe, in the village of Milnathort, Kinross-shire, Scotland. She is a life and mindset coach, mentor, NLP Master Practitioner, best-selling author, and speaker. Maureen’s passion is to inspire and help individuals live a unique legacy they are proud of.

Her mission is to help them discover who they are beyond their physical body, live their best lives, and restore and unleash their soul’s fire and passion. Maureen's vibrant enthusiasm for life is evident despite living for more than three and a half decades of her life with severe daily pain and complex ongoing health challenges. She is a lover of morning sunrises, good coffee, fresh flowers in her home, and spending time with her much-loved family and grandchildren.

She is the author of the #1  internationally bestselling book Unhackable Soul: Rise Up, Feel Alive and Live Well with Pain and Illness upon which this course is based. The 30-Day Elixir for Reigniting the Light Within.

She has developed the Unhackable Soul Course to help those suffering from pain and illness rise up and live soul alive with passion and zest for life.

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"Unhackable Soul is a resource and guide to achieving a fulfilling life despite chronic pain. It offers a durable, livable alternative to pharmacology and interventions. As a physician and surgeon who has worked with chronic pain patients, I whole-heartedly recommend this book for all who may live with chronic pain or disability. It offers a sustainable path to healthy, balanced well-being instead of a life of drugs, depression, and misery. In an era of endemic opioids and dependency, it cracks in the light for the pain sufferer on what can be for them an ever-darkening world."

- Dr Hugh A. Gelabert, Physician and Surgeon, UCLA School of Medicine


"I LOVE this radically transformative book!!! As someone who lives with daily chronic pain from CRPS, I can say Unhackable Soul is a roadmap to reclaim your joy and reignite the light within you despite pain! Maureen’s authentic storytelling illustrates how difficult experiences and deep wounds, both mental and physical, are the very things that can gift us a deeper power and resilience if we allow them. Maureen generously brings us her personal journey and shares her formula for moving through tremendous pain with grit and grace. Run, don’t walk, and grab this book if you live with any kind of pain!"


- Amberly Lago, Podcast Host and Best-Selling Author of True Grit and Grace, TEDx Speaker, and Peak Performance Coach


"Fantastically uplifting and encouraging from someone who knows what it feels like to experience challenges and still live life fully. Maureen’s spirit shines through every page to speak to you and pull you forward. Wonderful!"

- Fiona Harrold, Best-Selling Author of Be Your Own Life Coach

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